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Saturday, November 20, 2010



Eventhough,,this issues seems like not uptodated,,but 4 us as a MUSLEEM,,need to realize,,we are all being f**cked by kafir enemies,,as long as *someone very different from us can come out and say loud & clear -THIS UNACCEPTABLE! STOP IT NOW! I wanna be apart of *someone and I know,, u too have da strong desire like me,,

I took this article from my father,,and my mom preferred me to create a full understanding about diz matter,, so she gave me  a book entitled "EKONOMI ISLAM" to help improving my understanding,,,still loading,,,,

Based from the seminar  ' Financial Turbulence and The Role of Gold ' held at Tabung Haji in Kelana Jaya.

Prof Umar Vadillo proclaimed Truth in the Realm of lies

He declared: " You can celebrate Merdeka only when BANK NEGARA disappears from your land,until then it is too early for Merdeka ."

What Prof Umar meant was that people must realize that banks are not good instituitions helping people to own houses,cars and bussiness, the opposite is true- it is precisely because of modern banking credit system the prices are driven up and economy is dried out at such a pace that it becomes impossible for 95% of population , who are not involved in speculative economy, to save and buy a house,hence the only way for them to own a house is to surrender to BANKSTER and become their slaves for the rest of their productive live and often beyond.

Existence of these parasites called 'BANKS' depends upon sucking the blood of these 95% of honest folks who give the country real goods and service; so when these people will say 'We don't need banks!' and start creating new wealth based on physical money and assets, the whole edifice of capitalist casino will collapse like PWTC towers 9/11 but without a single dynamite,it will implode because its foundation ,people have unbent their backs.

Umar Pasha asked the audience:
"Who do you think is paying for Obama's bailout? All of you sitting in this hall are paying for Obama's bailout with the ringgits in your pockets! And did bank Negara say a word of protest about this insanity? NO.Only Chinese Central Bank was outranged,because they suddenly realized that it took their entire nation 20 years of hard labour to pile up 1 trillion US dollars,and here was a smart guy printing 1 trillion over weekend.What will happen if Bank Negara will go to Federal Reserve and hand to them all its US dollar and say:Please give me dollars.They will get nothing because dollar is not even a promissory note redeemable in gold as paper money had historically always been; since 1971Fed decided they had a right to manufacture money out of paper and ink for the whole world without any accountability.

"What is Ringgit?? I know what is dinar,it is 4.25 gram of 22 carat gold ,but is Ringgit i really don't know," said Umar Pasha.Ringgit has been imposed as the only money for Malaysia in the same way US Dollar was for the world.It shows the degree enslavementof the entire mankind by the MASTER OF RIBA.

H e concluded: " If we follow the Deen of Allah we shall most certainly succed in this world and the hereafter, if we follow the kuffar we'll end up in disaster as we already did it."

mmm,,,actually this article was long enough,,,but i had shorten it,,, by taking important points to be highlighted,,

To be ponder upon,,,
" Don't we feel like shedding tears that Allah still loves us,for despite our total submission to kuffar,He The Merciful raised such a man or a warrior among us?"

p/s:I strongly agree the action of using Dinar Emas +Dirham in Kelantan,,, Hopefully,, THEY will follow Kelantan,,,really hope so,,,

any gewd ideas are recommended^_^


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